Preparing for Travel… Hemming Jeans

If you’re lucky to find the right size jeans, chances are that you can’t find the perfect length. However, if you can find a pair with a longer length, grab them. Hemming denim jeans to look like the original hem is easier than you think. Here is a quick and easy hemming technique I use to hem jeans. Take your time… you can do it.

How to Hem Denim Jeans

  Measure the jeans to find the amount of length to remove.
2  Turn the pants inside out. Pinch the fabric just above the hem to create a fold that is equal to the amount to be removed from the original length.

3  Pin the folded area back, and fully extend the leg with the folded edge facing out. Machine stitch as close as possible to the original hem.

4  Press the folded fabric back to allow the original hem to create the lower edge of the jean. Turn the jeans right-side out and press again near the “original” hem.

NOTE: be careful not to press too close to the folded edge of the extra fabric and avoid creating a pressing mark

5. Optional

To prevent the folded area from falling down towards the hem, add a few stitches to tack the hem to the side seams.


The result is a pair of jeans that only you know were hemmed.

The “after” jeans are gray denim, the “before” jeans are traditional dark denim. I had to use the gray denim as my “after” sample, because my son grabbed the dark denim pair this morning and wore them to school. That’s proof that this technique is kid approved.

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