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Organize Your Personal Information Before Traveling

Before you leave for your trip, make sure you have a copy of your important information with you and with a family member or friend. This will make it easier to get help when an emergency arises. The Gal Gear Travel Information Form includes contact information for you and your emergency contact, ID numbers, medical information, credit card numbers and your flight numbers and times. The form prints as an 8.5″  x 11″ page that contains two copies of the form. One for you and one for your emergency contact.

Step 1 – Download the Form … its free.

Step 2 -You can print a blank form, and fill in your personal information by hand or you can fill out the form when the document is open with Adobe Acrobat.

If you are completing the form before printing, click on the blue highlight and fill in your information. You will see that as you complete the information on the left form, your information is automatically added to the second form on the right. You can easily print or email the completed form.

If you want to print the form and add your information later, please note the blue boxes displayed in Adobe Acrobat will not print.

For a free, full size copy of this form, click here:    Gal Gear Travel Information Form

Do you have any other information that you would include in this form? Let me know in the comments section below.


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Quick Tip: Handwashing

Handwashing a garment in your hotel room. Your garment will air dry quicker if you remove as much water as possible before hanging it up to dry. Instead of wringing the garment, which can leave it misshapen, lay out a dry towel with the wet garment on top and roll them together. Squeeze the rolled towel and it will pull the water out of the garment. Unroll and hang or lay out to air dry.

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