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Gal Gear website has new features

The Gal Gear web store has been redesigned. It provides more information about each product and easy checkout. The photo zoom feature lets you see all the quality details of our handmade products.

Home Page

Each Catagory has a Directory Page

see all the colors and styles available

 Product Information


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PC World’s 20 Best U.S. Airports for Tech Travelers

The last question I ask before leaving on a trip is,¬†“Do you have your charger with you?” Each person in the family has an electronic device that requires an outlet charger. It’s very frustrating to discover you don’t have one when you have a miniscule amount of battery power left. So, I carry a car/iphone charger in my purse for the roadtrips. However, air travel sometimes requires us to split up in a terminal looking for an outlet to recharge our devices, so we each carry an outlet charger. It’s a common concern for many travelers.

PCWorld’s Mark Sullivan did a series of stories about the best U.S. airports for the tech traveler. He ranked airports, terminal, and airlines for outlets, cell and Wi-Fi signals. For more information… check out the articles, here.

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